Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Starting Over ?

Can you have a do over as an adult? Can you make mistakes fix them and move on. Most times I will say yes. But sometimes its hard when others are involved. Do you move away from you life to make a new. How do you take kids and husband with you and even yourself when your so involved in the life that you live and where you live. Can you go away and start over and be happy? Will the whole group enjoy a new place to live and belong to? Maybe it would be good to start out on an adventure and see what happens. Can you go back to your old place if things don't go well? I read an article about a family (don't think they were trying to run away from a mistake or anything) but just wanted to challenge themselves and they sold their home quit their jobs and took their two kids out of public school and got a boat had lived on sea for two years. They homeschooled and I am sure had money saved because gas is not cheap-LOL! But what an adventure- Moved away from everything they had known and just went. The enjoyed nature and just enjoyed each other. What a wonderful way to just do it!

I don't think running away from a mistake in life is the best thing- You always need to fix things but sometimes even though your ready to fix things others are not. And time away and prayers may help or my not-
I am hoping to slip away somewhere I have never been before to get off my sofa and get into the great unknown-Not sure how long it will be to get my hubby to let us go-but I am ready when he says lets go....